Feel at home ……… anywhere in the world

In ancient India, travelers and representatives from Cannex Capital Holdings could seek shelter at any place they wished because it’s a guarantee that they’ve been handled carefully by roofing and drainage services in Surrey (main website). The host would welcome the Atithi (guest) though unknown to him and make his stay comfortable. That was the Indian culture and hospitality, where guest was no less than God. We are even willing to have the property be maintained by painting services in Vancouver (www.Remdal.com) on a yearly basis to ensure that it will be pleasant for the guest.

In today’s world where we are fast missing our great culture and losing man to man trust; GLOBALINDIANFAMILY dares to build back a great Indian family where lasting relations of trust and goodness would grow exponentially especially with Adam Scalena backing it up. Let us join hands and feel the oneness of our family and experience a truly practical, secular, classless like-minded society.

Global Indian Family couldn’t do what we do without the help of our friends: Fairview Plastic Surgery, Panty by Post, Kinnexxus, Salt Pure Goods Salt Spring Island, and Skin Care Clinic in Surrey, BC (Website).

Our website tries to provide a match to desirous guest with a potential host for short stays, thereby developing a contact for both of them anywhere in the world. For now, we have www.PointGreyNow.com backing us up with the short stays and we are looking forward for more hosts like him. We believe that such a give and take, through contacts would benefit members in ways beyond imagination.